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The Pickin' & Grin Inn Mysteries


Dead Ain't Your Color by Jude Hardin




Friends in Freshly Dug Places by Jude Hardin



The Reacher Experiment


A Jack Reacher duplicate?

In 2057, human cloning is still illegal. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening…

Former United States Navy Master at Arms Rock Wahlman is about to discover some things about himself that he never would have imagined. Some things that nobody would have imagined. Some disturbing things. Unsettling. Life-altering…

And life-threatening.





The Nicholas Colt Thrillers


October 21:  just an ordinary day, unless you’re a former rock star…

The sole survivor of a plane crash…

A private investigator working out of a camper…

For Nicholas Colt, October 21 is an unlucky day. A day for nightmares. It always has been, and this year is no exception.

Someone is brutally murdering the offspring of an anonymous sperm donor, and Colt’s missing client is next on the list. With less than four days to find the young man—and, with a pair of drug-addicted study partners, a violent motorcycle gang, a stalker ex-girlfriend, and a host of other obstacles standing in his way—Colt faces the most challenging and deadly case of his life.



Lady 52

What do Lt. Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels and private investigator Nicholas Colt have in common?

Billiards, bourbon, bad jokes...

And murder. Several, in fact.

A homeless woman's remains are found near Chicago twenty-six years after she disappeared. Her daughter—now retired in Florida—suspects foul play, and she hires Colt to fly up there and check it out.

A prominent Chicago physician is slain outside a convenience store, horribly mutilated. A senseless street killing? A robbery gone wrong? Or something much worse?

As the homicide cases and those involved converge, it quickly becomes apparent that Jack Daniels and Nicholas Colt are in for the most challenging—and deadly—time of their lives.





“POCKET-47 sucked me in and held me enthralled. Author Jude Hardin keeps the pace frantic, the thrills non-stop, but best of all is his hero, the wonderfully ironic Nicholas Colt. This is a character I'm eager to follow through many adventures to come.”
—Tess Gerritsen, NYT bestselling author of ICE COLD.

Rule #2 in private investigator Nicholas Colt’s Philosophy of Life: If you have a good Tuesday, Wednesday is likely to be a bitch.

Welcome to Wednesday.

Fifteen-year-old Brittney Ryan has taken to the streets. Colt is hired to find her and bring her home.

Piece of cake, he thinks. A surprise visit to the forbidden boyfriend should put this one in the scrapbook.

But something more sinister is behind Brittney’s disappearance, and Colt soon finds himself in an ever-widening maze of deceit, betrayal, and murder.

And, when he learns what the mysterious phrase Pocket-47 means, he is haunted even more by the plane crash that killed his family and rock band twenty years ago--a crash he now realizes might not have been an accident.

Colt is determined to save Brittney and untangle the threads of his own tortured past.

Unfortunately, one of the most heinous and violent criminals in modern history has other ideas.

Which might be okay, because…

Rule #1 in Nicholas Colt’s Philosophy of Life: Screw the rules. Let’s jam.



“With Crosscut, Jude Hardin takes the PI novel and psychological suspense to a new, unrestrained level. Fast, fierce, and relentless.”
—David Morrell, New York Times bestselling creator of Rambo

Nicholas Colt…

Former rock star, private investigator on hiatus. He has a loving relationship with his wife, a blues band with a house gig, and an adopted daughter finishing her senior year in high school. He has no intention of reactivating his PI license anytime soon.


An old girlfriend tells him something that makes his heart pause and his jaw drop. Could the militia group Colt shut down three years ago be responsible for a double homicide in another state?

A race against time…

Colt soon learns that the murders are only the tip of an unimaginably atrocious iceberg. Caught in a nightmare that is bigger, badder, and literally more earth-shattering than he could have possibly anticipated, Colt must find a way to derail the heinous and seemingly unstoppable machinations of a madman before it’s too late.




Snuff Tag 9

“Pure, batshit crazy awesome.”
—Anthony Neil Smith, author of ALL THE YOUNG WARRIORS

Nicholas Colt…

World-class guitarist with a crushed hand, private investigator with a revoked license. Trying to get by now as a “security consultant,” he takes the case of an affluent young accountant who has received a threatening letter—a mandate to drive out to the swamp and play a popular videogame called Snuff Tag 9.

A psychotic billionaire…

With a voracious appetite for all things horrible, the man who calls himself Freeze is compelled to serve up increasingly higher doses of carnage for himself and his friends.

The Game…

Extreme, intense, and shockingly violent.

Especially when populated with real people.




Key Death

"Key Death is an exhilarating thriller that punches way above its weight. It hits you hard and fast with crackling suspense, hair-raising twists and stunning revelations. Word of advice: don't start on this one unless you're prepared to stay up all night."
—John Ling, author of The Blasphemer

"Creepy goodness wrapped in Florida sunshine, with a side of blues guitar and a bourbon on the rocks. Great fun all around."
—Mark Terry, author of Sins of the Father

Nicholas Colt…

World-class guitarist with a crushed hand, private investigator with a revoked license. He has a kid in college, a wife working two jobs, and a “security consultant” gig that has gone dry.

A friend of a friend…

Wanda Taylor wants to meet her biological father for the first time. Happy to have the work, Colt soon discovers that the man he’s looking for was shot dead two years ago in his Key West apartment. Now Wanda wants Colt to investigate the murder. Determined to see justice served, she offers to send him down there for as long as it takes.

A serial killer…

They call him The Zombie.

They call him that for a reason.

As the horrible truth unfolds, Nicholas Colt is forced to confront one of his greatest fears.

And try to make it off the island in one piece.



Blood Tattoo

Nicholas Colt…

World-class guitarist with a crushed hand, private investigator with a revoked license. Currently settling into a nice quiet life of teaching music and spending time with his family. Or so he thinks.

Diana Dawkins…

Operative with the ultra-clandestine federal agency called The Circle. Smart, beautiful, deadly. She needs Colt’s help, and she’s willing to pay him well for it.

The bad guys…

Conspirators, traitors, assassins. Well-equipped and organized, they will stop at nothing to get what they want.

And what they want will affect the lives of millions.

Will Nicholas Colt and Diana Dawkins be able to stop them in time?



Sycamore Bluff

Somewhere west of Kokomo, Indiana, in a contained and isolated area, NASA is conducting a secret study on human behavior. Given a set of rules and the promise of a generous compensation package at the end, can several hundred people govern themselves and live in relative harmony for six years?

The experiment, designed to mimic future colonization on a distant planet, appears to be a huge success.

Until something goes terribly wrong…

Two undercover operatives from an ultra-clandestine government agency called The Circle are sent to investigate. When Diana Dawkins and Nicholas Colt discover the shocking truth, it’s clear the experiment must be stopped.

What isn’t clear is if they’ll make it out alive.



The Jack Reacher Files: Fugitive

With international bestselling author Lee Child's Jack Reacher universe as a backdrop, Jude Hardin has taken his Nicholas Colt thriller series to a new level of excitement...

Jack Reacher…

Former army major, military police, the 110th Special Investigations Unit. Now a penniless drifter and a trouble magnet. Could he be involved in a plot to overthrow the United States government?

Nicholas Colt…

Former world-class guitarist and private investigator. Now an operative for a super-secret federal agency called The Circle. Suddenly on the run for a crime he didn’t commit.

A ticking clock…

Three hundred feet beneath the capitol building in Washington, DC, there’s an armored complex that only a handful of people know about.

Annex 1.

Built to eliminate any threat of cyber theft, it’s where the nation’s most sensitive files are kept.

It’s where the Jack Reacher files are kept.

Targeted now by his own organization, Colt must somehow penetrate the vault and retrieve the incriminating documents on Reacher.

Or die trying.

The fate of his family— and his country—might just depend on it.




The Blood Notebooks

A series of journals, penned by a genius, gathering dust in a Swiss library since the 1940s…

Discovered recently by a visiting American professor, the notebooks outline a medical procedure that is nothing short of astonishing.

But will it work?

There’s only one way to find out: clinical trials.

Camden A. Retro…

Forced by the clandestine government agency he works for to change his name and alter his appearance, Retro now resides in Amberjack Heights, a small laidback beach community on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Fishing, swimming, golf, tennis. Seems like the ideal location for a former secret agent posing as a private investigator.

Until people start disappearing.